Broadway Broadband Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


 Designed to protect you, our subscribers and the rest of the Internet Community from unacceptable, irresponsible, or illegal activities. The policy particularly prohibits the impersonation of others, unsolicited commercial appeals and any disruption of Internet services.



This policy is here to provide an understanding of the appropriate use of Broadway Broadband services. Flagrant or repeated violations of this policy will result in immediate and permanent termination of your account without notice or refund. Protection of our subscribers and Broadway Broadband resources, the ability to provide service to our subscribers, conformance with existing laws and the protection of Broadway Broadband reputation as an Internet Service Provider are all important factors when making decisions regarding AUP violations.



It may be necessary for us to examine system logs and other records to resolve system problems. We reserve the right to access a subscriber's mailbox to resolve system problems or mail system errors. We will cooperate with legal authorities to investigate claims of illegal activity, including but not limited to illegal transfer or use of copyrighted material, posting or email containing threats of violence, or other illegal activities. We make no guarantee and assume no liability for the security of any data on any server under Broadway Broadband control.  



Broadway Broadband strives to maintain a professional relationship with all of our clients and we expect the same in return. Abusive behavior or language from any subscriber will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate termination of service without notice or refund.  


Network Activity

Any activity that affects, or attempted activity that may have affected, the ability of other people or systems to use Broadway Broadband services or the Internet is prohibited. Any tampering of equipment between junction box on house and/or buried cable that results in network disruption will result in a fee equal the to cost of repair and replacement of said equipment.


Privacy Violations

Attempts, whether successful or not, to gain access to any computer system or data without consent are prohibited.  


Commercial Email

Unsolicited commercial email, also known as Spam, is prohibited. Using a Broadway Broadband email address or website address to collect responses from Spam is prohibited. Posting a single message to multiple Usenet groups or public forum's is prohibited.



Modifying identifying network header information ("spoofing") in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited. Attempting to impersonate any person by using forged headers or other identifying information is prohibited.  



Sharing Broadway Broadband service with anyone outside of the residence or business where the service is installed is prohibited. Running a Web server or FTP server is prohibited without the express written consent of Broadway Broadband.   Running any service that allows public access to your computer is prohibited without the express written consent of Broadway Broadband.  Reselling of service is prohibited and will result in immediate termination of your account.  



Broadway Broadband reserves the right to immediately remove any material from our system we deem inappropriate.



Broadway Broadband Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


Customer Information

We value your privacy. Any information collected by Broadway Broadband in the course of providing service to our subscribers is held with the highest regard. This information will not be sold or otherwise distributed. This information is kept on a limited access computer and is only available to those employees who have a need to know. The only exception to this policy is that in the event of a criminal investigation, Broadway Broadband will provide information as required by law to any authorized law enforcement agency.  


Loss of Service

The services provided by Broadway Broadband are on an as is, as available basis. No warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, those of merchantability or fitness or particular purpose, are made with respect to Broadway Broadband or any information or software therein. This in no way includes any reimbursement for losses of income due to disruption of service by Broadway Broadband or its providers.


Cost increases

Broadway Broadband reserves the right to change its subscription rates by notifying you 15 days in advance of the effective date of the change.  


Cancellation of Account

Notice of cancellation will only be accepted in writing, either emailed to

or by regular mail to the following address:

Broadway Broadband

3086 W 100 N Po Box 168

Peru, In 46970

No refund of unused services will be made.

Billing Policy

You will receive your monthly bill via email on file with Broadway Broadband. Your payment is due upon signup. You are always paying in advance for the upcoming month. We will send out invoices approximately 10 days prior to the due date. If making payment by mail, your payment should be mailed to:

Broadway Broadband

3086 W 100 N Po Box 168

Peru, In 46970

Changes to the Acceptable Use Policy

Broadway Broadband reserves the right to change the AUP as needed so be sure to check back periodically. Customers may be notified by email of any significant changes to this policy.