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Break free from those issues you're currently frustrated with, whether it be: data caps, hidden fees, sudden price changes, equipment fees, or any other issue your current provider is tossing to the wayside!

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Why Broadway Broadband?

No Contracts
No Hidden Fees
No Data Caps
Locally Owned and Operated
Fast Guarenteed Appointment
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Fiber Internet (Coming Soon)

Are you ready for a service with double, or triple, the speeds of most providers, for a fraction of the price and no headaches? Our Fiber Packages will be your perfect solution!

No Contracts

You shouldn't have to be forced into a contract in order to have a great experience online. Don't let other competitors trick you into signing a contract, only to change pricing on you with threats of Early Termination Fees or Hidden Fees!

Fiber to your Home

Experience the fastest way to browse the internet by having your data sent and received via Fiber Optics. Our Infrastructure is built and maintained by us to provide the best service available!

Unlimited Posibilities

Think of what you can do when you're not being held back by data limits, or having your hard earned money swindled from you. Let Broadway Broadband ease that burden for you!

No Throttling

Other providers are greedy with their usage allowance, some like to throttle popular online services (Streaming, Sharing, etc...), others just don't want to upgrade infrastructure and don't care enough to get you the best performance for your money.

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Wireless Internet

Are you sick of settling with poor providers or living in a rural area with limited choices? Check out how our Wireless Services can benefit you!

Locally Owned and Operated

When things go wrong, we're here to help! No longer will your calls be redirected foreign call centers, nor will you have to sit on hold for hours anytime something happens. Stop on in or give us a call, we're always ready to assist you so you can focus on the things that matter in your life!

No Hidden Fees or Price Changes

Other providers want to ensnare you within their contracts by offering low introductory prices, only to inconveniently leave out the part of the hidden fees, equipment rental costs, and price changes that will nearly double the bill! Remove the stress of Early Termination Fees by switching to us today!

Fast Speeds

We are constantly upgrading and expanding our infrastructures to help give you competitive speeds and performance at a much lower cost than our competitors! We also don't believe in throttling your services, you should be able to use your services without artificial interruptions!

Expanding Coverage

Our goal is to provide all Hoosiers with high speed, affordable internet no matter where they live. If we aren't in your area, feel free to let us know your interest and be sure to have friends and family in the area reach out as well!


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Wireless Packages



3mbps Download

Perfect for those daily basic needs

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6mbps Download

Perfect for a faster experience without breaking the bank

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10mbps Download

Perfect for families that need heavier internet usage for their daily lives

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25mbps Download

Perfect for covering any aspect you might need from your internet usage

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Fiber Packages (Coming Soon)

Fiber 150


Speeds up to 150+ mbps

Experience our introductory Fiber package to get more than double, or triple, the speeds at half the cost of most competitors!!

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Fiber 300


Speeds up to 300+ mbps Download

Experience the internet like never before with our top tier Fiber package! You'll have THE FASTEST internet around, with a fraction of the price!
There's absolutely Zero: hidden fees, price changes, contracts, or data caps!!

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Broadway Broadband?

Broadway Broadband is a locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider. We provide Fiber and Wireless internet to local communities and rural areas to help Connect Hoosiers that have no options, or are fed up with other providers not offering competitve speeds and pricing. We are always looking expanding our services areas to ensure every Hoosier has internet access as well as breaking free from the penny pinching models other providers force. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns; we love hearing from you!

If you reside in: Cass, Carroll, Fulton, Howard, or Miami County, chances are we have you covered! We are constantly looking to expand our coverage to those in need so feel free to give us a call and see if we can provide you the best service around! Don't worry if you're currently not within our areas of coverage, we'll be expanding there with enough interest and requests from your community so be sure to let us know you're interested!

We offer many various options for you to pay your bill to help ease any confusion or burdens other providers incorporate. Our most popular option is through the My Broadway Broadband Portal. You can also pay over the phone, send in a money order or check, as well as stopping into our local branch to pay via: cash, check/money order, or debit/credit card!

We offer a free month of service for customers that refer new customers! Just ensure they mention you as a referral and we'll handle the rest! Spread the word and help your budget!

We have various channels of contact to help assist your needs with proper specialist via Phone or Emaiil

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Good Review From Good People

I have to brag on our internet company they have superb customer service and even on Sundays they call us to fix any issues. Thank you for always being so quick to help out your customers. We called on Saturday to have our internet upgraded and they came Asap!!!! Amazing company

Tiff W.

via Facebook
Their service is great... if i have a problem with my internet, they come out when as soon as they can. They are respectful, friendly company. The interenet we have is a little bit faster now and I'm satisfied with it. Keep up the good work ABC Broadway Broadband!!!

April M.

via Facebook
big SHOUT out to Broadway Broadband - they called just as I was headed to PC doc, and did a little check over the phone - windows 10 had updated a LAN setting in internet options and once he had me uncheck the box and reapply all seems to be good- what nice man and great company!

Linda T.

via Facebook
Works wonderfully for us near Ockley! Last internet was Dish and it cost twice as much and couldn't even watch a 5 second video clip. We can watch 3 movies at once on different devices and works perfectly! Price is Great too!!

Dawn M.

via Facebook
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